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Positive Psychology for Coaches  

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Introduction to Positive Psychology

This is a two day workshop that will introduce you to many of the subjects and research from positive psychology.

You will learn how to support your clients psychological wellbeing and why it matters.

How some positive psychologists measure wellbeing and how you can bring this to your practice.

You will be introduced to character strengths and values in action.

How and why appreciation and gratitude are a big subject in positive psychology.

You will be introduced to concepts and ideas such as: Time Perspective, a Growth Mindset, Optimism, and what research tells us about Coping and Resilience.

And you will leave with great practical interventions and resources you can use with your clients to augment your coaching practice. 

Values, Purpose & Character Strengths

values and purpose

Bringing more meaning and purpose to your clients lives

This is a one day workshop examining how our basic needs are connected to what we value.

Learn how what we value comes from many sources. Using research from positive psychology this workshop helps unpick what really matters to us and our clients. 

Character strengths expressed as 'values in action' are just one of the tools explored in this practical workshop. 

Resilience and Coping Strategies


This ia a one day workshop that introduces  the research from positive psychology on resilience and how to bring this to your clients.

You will learn how to develop coping strategies using knowledge

of your clients character strengths and values, your clients attributional style and ways to encourage an optimistic outlook and growth mindset approach to all life situations.

You will also learn how positive psychology is much more than positivity and optimism. Research is telling us that acceptance, understanding and knowledge of our emotions, is a powerful cognitive resource.


 Personal growth and better lives can follow difficulty and trauma. Learning about post traumatic growth and how we can bounce back and move forward from painful situations in remarkable ways  can literally change lives.

Happiness and Self Acceptance

This is a one day workshop.

Lack of self acceptance is almost at epidemic levels and is expressed in many ways. Shame, feeling inadequate, social comparison, imposter syndrome, perfectionism and general beating up on the self can mostly be accounted for by a lack of self acceptance. CBT and similar practices are increasing in general use and Positive Psychology research supports this.


Self acceptance is one of the six ingredients measured by positive psychologist Carol Ryff that are essential to our psychological wellbeing.

Learning how to support your clients most basic psychological needs is an important aspect to your coaching as it is impossible for your clients to grow and develop unless these needs are met.


Without Self acceptance it is very difficult for you or your client to flourish or to be truly happy. This workshop is a great way to learn more about how to build happiness and self love.

Intrinsic Motivation and Being in Flow

This is a a one day workshop that introduces  the research from positive psychology on what it means to be in flow and how to bring this to your clients.

You will learn how to notice and encourage intrinsic motivation, by understanding why your clients find some goals easy and others harder.

Being in Flow is a vital component in our wellbeing and happiness. Your clients will love that you you know how to bring this into their lives. When we have the opportunity to get into flow all aspects of our lives are improved.

The workshop covers why we need to be challenged, what are good challenges and why and how to support this in your clients lives. This workshop will bring the subject to you in a way that you can use easily in your coaching practice as well as how to have more flow in your own life too.

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