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Twice divided line in love


Yes to the program, yes to the urge.

Yes to the calling, yes to the purge.


I’ve written, I’ve read, I’ve talked into the night.

I’ve listened, supported, and done what is right.


All knowledge is huge to the stars and the moon.

But knowledge is nothing but noise in a room.


Loud cymbals of nothing, a game or the rung

Tying matter to matter the non-sense is sung.


The cave is as empty of life as the noise,

Without love as the light -all is shadows and toys.


Let love be your being; let love be your core.

Let love guide your action and  ‘my’ become ‘your’.


Yes action is brilliant and action is fine

But action can lead to the loosing of time.


If the action is tied to some need to be filled

All you get is more shadows and noise as you build.


Put your gas mask on first as the plane plummets down

Hold yourself lightly lest others may drown.


Be the gad fly, the bar fly, the girl on the train.

Just be there- just be there -to witness the pain.


Less is more, more is all, ‘all’ is nothing but life.

Life is energy bursting and sharp as a knife.


A knife that crafts beauty too wondrous to say

It’s the pain and the beauty and joy of one day.


And if we are the knife and the love in that tool

We are both the creator and heart in its soul.

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