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Are you running your life or is your life running you?

Do you want to improve your leadership skills?

Do you have a sense that something more meaningful is calling you, professionally or personally?

What would life look like if you really showed up?

Is there something you would regret not doing  (or becoming) before you die?

Its hard to change things on your own. With a coach you get someone who wants what you want for yourself more than you do.

As a coach I am privileged to share some of the journey, but it is YOUR journey, YOUR choices, YOU hold the answers to your life. As your coach I facilitate your discovering your own solutions and help you achieve meaningful  goals. I work with people who are up for a challenge and ready to grow. 

I have worked as a Co-Active Coach for seventeen years specialising in helping people to live more effectively,  meaningfully and authentically.

I am also a Positive Psychologist and the author of the Brilliant Series book on the subject. I came to coaching as a philosopher and work with people who are looking for for purpose and direction.


I like to work with people who want to wake up to their full potential whatever their current circumstances. ​My clients come from many sectors, I don't need to know anything about my clients business, I support people to become easier within themselves, with other people and the world in general.  


I coach authentic leadership within a structured model that is rooted in all aspects wellbeing. 


Facilitating and supporting people to flourish, to come alive, is not an academic process- it is a process of the heart. 

I am a member of the International Coach Federation and a fully trained Co Active Coach  with CTI. 

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