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Living and growing through Corona

How to thrive whatever the circumstance  

This is an important opportunity for personal growth and change and it need not be complicated or difficult.

We are storied, as humans we understand ourselves and the world we live in through stories. What is your current story and does it serve you?

The hamster wheel has kept people at such a pace, from government departments to the corporate world. Small to large endeavours have had little more time than to firefight or look to short term rewards within an accepted growth pattern. This way of being has been normalised and tolerated beyond endurance and suddenly it is changed.

There is a giant elephant in the room of what the response will be to the enormous pain and grief that changing gear so fast will bring.  - You know when someone is dying, you know it and accept it, but yet when the actual death comes there is still shock and grief in all its phases. This is normal and still painful and easier when we have the right tools and knowledge for the journey.

It is also a time for opportunity. Opportunity for creativity, courage, renewal, connection, purpose and heart. It is an opportunity to face those things we have not allowed time to really see and to be more in balance. In balance with ourselves, with our families, with our communities and the planet.


These tools can be simple and also challenging.

Start with gratitude and kindness.

"I am writing to express my heartfelt THANKS for your amazing book Brilliant Positive Psychology. It was truly brilliant!


I started reading it whilst I was experiencing the C19 symptoms and to be honest it made a massive difference to me.

Happily I am through the other side without having to ask for medical assistance… having a positive mental attitude was an immense help and your clear guidance and ideas really resonated when I most needed them."


 There is much more to your and our future and I am planning to run some small webinars that will build on our strengths and resources at this time. Please text or email me at if you would like to be invited.


Many thanks Charlotte.

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