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more About Charlotte

I am Co Active Coach, Positive Psychologist and the author of Change your Life with Positive Psychology, the Brilliant series book which has been translated into 6 languages.

I speak and run classes in all aspects of practical meaningful living.

Subjects include ; 

Exploring values and how this is at the heart of who you  are and what you do.

Understanding communication and enjoying better relationships.

Good parenting.

Living and working more joyfully.

Discovering and living the life you want.

My first degree is in Theology and Philosophy and the question- 'What is a good life?' has informed and guided me in all the different aspects of both my personal and working life.

The world is changing fast and the pressure to match this speed needs to be countered and put in balance. For me living well is not so much about the quantity- the amount we do -but the quality of living; both for myself and for those I share my life with. Slowing down and being present allows my action, and those I live and work with, to be more meaningFUL. 

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